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Safety Measures
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Safety Measures

We are now proud to have been accredited by Visit England

In case you haven’t got time to read the full policy, to summarise;

•       We’re keeping you and us safe by us all keeping 2m apart

•       Washing our hands and with extra cleaning 

•       Reducing the available bedrooms by 30%

•       We can not service your room daily

•       We request that you pre-order breakfast by completing the order form

•       The honesty bar will be unavailable for the moment, but we’re happy to serve you should you need anything

The world is a very different place since the Coronavirus pandemic and so we wanted to reassure you that you can have confidence when booking a stay with us. The health of our guests is paramount. To ensure social distancing within Springfield House, we are currently reducing our available bedrooms by 30%. Although this will limit our turnover, along with the increased work and cost of running as per the below, we feel it’s the right thing to do.

We pride ourselves in our high levels of cleanliness. Our standards have been described as "clinical" by some past guests and as both of us have OCD traits, this leads to very organised and super clean environments. Our cleaning chemicals have always been sourced from the same company and they also supply the NHS so you're safe in the knowledge that they do the job and are medical grade. We have no staff so we are the only two people who have contact with you, the bedrooms, the food we serve you and do all the cleaning ourselves. No guest glassware, crockery or cutlery is hand washed - it all goes through the dishwasher.

We have achieved a 5 rating (the highest achievable) for food hygiene from the Environmental Health. Our suppliers are carefully vetted and chosen by us and have also achieved high standards of quality and cleanliness.

You will find details below of the actions we are taking to keep us all safe following completion of a risk assessment. This policy is based on current draft Government guidance for hospitality businesses. As their advice changes, we will update this document so if your booking is some way off, you may wish to check back nearer the time and have another read.

We have changed some of the things we do to ensure the safety of everyone in the building. Please read through the list as some of these will affect your stay. We have tried to retain our high-quality product and little touches where possible and can reassure you that a great experience will still be had.

Before you arrive

As per draft Government advice, please do not travel to us if you anyone in your party is showing any of the common symptoms of Coronavirus (ie fever, persistent cough, loss of taste or smell). We will happily re-arrange your stay for a future date at no penalty. For your confidence in booking, all reservations are currently fully flexible and can be moved to another date.

Your agreement that you will follow our temporary new procedures and extra measures whilst on our premises is kindly requested. A link to this document will be emailed to you before your stay and unless we hear from you it is presumed that you are happy to continue with your booking under these new measures. Should you prefer to stay at a later date when things are more back to normal, please contact us.


Most of our guests arrive by car. Under normal circumstances, we praise the use of public transport, especially as we are so close to the train station. However, during this current period, we would appreciate it if you could avoid public transport where possible, both minimising the chance of infection en-route or during your stay. We have plenty of parking available. We would remind you to limit contact with other people and keep 2m social distancing at service stations, restaurants and attractions, using hand sanitiser, wipes and masks where appropriate.


We will ask you for your approximate check-in time and where necessary, may ask you to move your check-in time slightly to avoid another guest arrival.  If we see you arriving in the car park, we will open the door for you. If you do arrive at the same time as another guest, please wait in your car until they have moved to allow social distancing. Likewise, if you arrive at the front door (which is glass) and someone is already in the hall, please wait until they have moved on.

Please note that we may request to take a forehead temperature with a medical-grade infrared thermometer on arrival. Should we record a temperature of 38°C or above, we will ask you to return home and self-isolate as per the Government guidance. We will rearrange your stay for a future date at no extra cost.

Hand sanitiser is available next to the front door which we encourage you to use whenever you enter the building.

All documentation is completed online before your arrival date so there is nothing to complete or sign and where possible we will take payment before your check-in. We will remain in the dining room maintaining social distance. Your key will be placed on the hall table which will have been sanitised since the last guest.

If you do not require luggage assistance, we will not come to your room with you and instead will direct you to it. There is a comprehensive Room Information pack to familiarise you with the room. For your protection, this has been printed just for you and will be recycled on your departure.

If you would like us to carry your bags to your room, we will follow you at a safe distance and place your bags outside your door. We will sanitise our hands immediately afterwards.

Corridors and stairways

If you see someone coming down the corridor or stairs, please stand back whilst they pass. This can be done by going back into your bedroom or standing momentarily still. We would suggest you allow priority to those coming up the stairs. We will stagger breakfast to minimise guests meeting on route to breakfast.

Your bedroom

A welcome letter on the bed will explain our room servicing policy and remind you of the most important aspects of our COVID-19 Secure Policy.

The TV remote control will be placed inside a new sealed plastic bag so that we can dispose of the bag and replace for the next guest.

During this time we would encourage plenty of natural ventilation with open windows. The decorative cushions and runner will be removed from bedrooms to make cleaning and sanitising easier. All the white linen and towels in your room, as well as the breakfast napkins, are laundered at high temperatures using strong cleaning chemicals.

Our tea tray offering will be simplified to minimise the number of items you may have touched. All items will still be available but on request. Dirty crockery should be left out for us daily.

We would ask you to wash your hands both on entering and leaving your bedroom. Hand Sanitiser (50ml) has been provided for your stay and you are encouraged to take it with you when you leave.


We’ve always had extremely high cleanliness standards and used NHS approved cleaning products. For us, something is either clean or dirty, there is no in-between.

We regret that we can’t clean your room daily if you are staying with us for four nights or less. We will, however, provide you with anything you require daily (eg toilet rolls, fresh milk, tea bags, coffee etc).

We ask that you empty your bin, placing sealed bags of rubbish outside your door for collection along with any dirty crockery before you go out for the day. You will find clean bin bags underneath the old one. We will enter your room briefly during the day whilst wearing a mask only to drop off your requested items.

COVID-19 is an ‘enveloped’ virus and as such is within a group of viruses deemed easier to kill, whilst outside of a living body, through the use of an effective sanitising agent. We use a sanitiser accredited to BS EN 1276 and BS EN 13697 standard, and supplied to the NHS so the product is more than capable of killing enveloped viruses within a limited contact time of fewer than 30 seconds.

This product has always been used for all cleaning throughout the building including the bedrooms, toilets, dining room and kitchen. We will be carrying out additional regular cleaning where necessary in particular on customer touch points like handles and stair rails. As it dries, it leaves behind no chemical residue and is not harmful to the environment or the user.

Where possible a minimum gap of 24 hours will be left before we clean a vacated bedroom between guests and ideally at least 48 hours before a new guest checks in. Appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) including a face mask, plastic apron and nitrile gloves will be used to clean a room then disposed of and a new set used for the next room. New cleaning cloths are also used for each bedroom to prevent cross-contamination and we wash our hands extremely frequently. 80% alcohol hand sanitiser is used in between cleaning the bedroom and bathroom and before moving to the next bedroom.


We have only three of our six dining tables in use to maintain social distancing of 2m. We will request an approximate breakfast time slot from you and stagger guests in our dining room, extending the breakfast window if necessary. We will also offer a simplified breakfast option and request that you pre-order the night before.

Salt, pepper, sugar and condiments will now be available via disposable sachets. Jams and butter will be available on request rather than on your table. Plates of food will be delivered to an empty table next to you for you to collect.

We have held a 5-star food hygiene rating (the maximum possible) since we opened and will always adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and food safety.

Check out

Before you check out, please open the windows for ventilation, and leave out any hairdryers, irons or anything else you have used during your stay to allow us to sanitise them.

Where possible we will take your payment in advance, if you have any balance on check out we kindly ask you to settle by bank transfer before check out. We regret we will be unable to accept cash at this time.

Your key can be placed on the table in the hall so that we can sanitise it before the next guest. Depending on the number of guests checking out that day we may request check out times be staggered.

Suspected COVID cases and guest self-isolation

If a Guest present themselves with symptoms of COVID-19 or are asymptomatic but declares the need to self-isolate, they are advised to self-isolate according to current government guidance.

If Guests are displaying signs of the Covid-19 virus while staying with us, they should inform us, immediately self-isolate where they are to minimise any risk of transmission, and request a test. If they are confirmed to have Covid-19, they should return home if you reasonably can. They should use private transport but only drive themselves if they can do so safely. If they cannot reasonably return home (for example because they are not well enough to travel or do not have the means to arrange transport), their circumstances should be discussed with an appropriate health care professional and, if necessary, the local authority.

Where travel is not possible, they will be liable for all costs incurred by us and extra nights and/or services provided. This may include re-housing guests who were due to occupy their bedroom.

Guests should follow government guidance on dealing with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. Once the guest has returned to their main residence, they should continue to follow the government guidance on self-isolation, household isolation and social distancing.

This will apply to all guests that were present in the room. If the guest shows acute symptoms has breathing difficulties or their life is at potential risk, seek medical help immediately.


Hand sanitiser will be available in the entrance as well as disinfectant wipes to allow you to clean your hands as you enter the building and open the front door using a wipe so you don’t need to touch the handle. Where possible on nice days the door will be held open.

Where conversing with guests is only possible closer than 2m, we will wear a face covering and would kindly request you do too (you will need to provide your own).

Fire doors throughout the building are held open so there are no doors to open apart from your bedroom door

On hearing the fire alarm, please evacuate as normal and keep a 2m distance from other guests where possible and whilst standing outside on the car park.

The honesty bar will be unavailable for the moment, but we’re happy to serve you should you need anything please WhatsApp or text us.

We will keep the temperature records of our guests and ourselves. We will temperature check ourselves daily. A fever is above 38°C.

All deliveries are sanitised on arrival and we also wash our hands after touching. If we visit a supermarket we limit our contact with non-guests, always remaining 2m distance.

Should we find coronavirus on site or one of us as owners are tested positive or need to self-isolate, we may need to cancel your booking at short notice. Where this happens, a full refund or alternate dates will be offered.

The above represents a sample of the new health and safety measures being implemented at Springfield House. This list is not intended to be all-inclusive, but to offer an overview of we are working to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our guests and ourselves. All standards will be reviewed and re-evaluated regularly to ensure relevance and maximum efficiency, and are subject to change based on the guidance of the WHO, local health and government authorities.

Should you require any help or have any questions before your stay, do please email us on info@springfieldhousebnb.co.uk or call us on 01675 465 695.


Correct as per Government Guidance 23.06.20

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